RStudio Cloud Service in The Works?

RStudio Cloud Service in The Works?

An interesting result came when I was looking for the RStudio cloud this morning: from RStudio itself.

“Kill the tires in your hearts, but do not plan a trip to cross-country yet,” the service warns on its home page.

I logged in using my existing account, which the home page advises. If you do not use, you can set up a new account there or use Google or GitHub credentials.

The initial screen allows you to create a project: Page for creating a project in and then the familiar RStudio interface appears.

RStudio CloudScreenshot at

Fortunately, I was able to install packages from both CRAN and GitHub. In Git there is no built-in, at least not yet, but otherwise it looks like my desktop version.

After installing some favorite packages, I conducted several tests. Graphics ggplot2 worked fine – I even could press the zoom button and pull out a new, larger window to see my graphics.

One important thing: at least for the moment it’s a public platform, and any project you create here will be viewable by all other RStudio Cloud users.

It looks promising. I will update this post if I receive any data from RStudio.

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